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You're Better than you think!

How hard is your agent working to win your dream home? Lindsey reads a REAL message thread about a property that was live for 3 hours!!!

Lindsey DellaSala:

She said, "this is blank blank with blank Realty. Do you have any offers currently on 123 Main Street?"

It had just been listed, just a heads up, three hours before they texted me this.

Just 3 hours, okay?

This, just 3 hours, okay?

Then, she responds, "I don't want to show it if you have offers already in."

I'm like, thinking to myself, what if this is your buyer's dream home? It just got listed three hours ago. The seller is not accepting anything within three hours, probably not even within three days because we're going to let people see it but cool. You don't want to show it if there's already offers. It's literally been 3 hours!

Go somewhere. I don't care if it's our team or not but like, go somewhere where they are teaching you how to win in this crazy market. If you're a buyer, like, hire an agent who can help you win in this crazy market.

I mean, we're doing it every day! We're winning multiple offers. We are constantly finding off-market properties or properties that aren't listed quite yet. So, we have the opportunity to sell those to our clients first.'s crazy out there!


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