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10 Pending from the TOP Rope!

Caitlin Daugherty has sold 30 homes this year and currently has 10 home sales pending.

While it may seem like an alluring and lucrative career path, the reality is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a successful career in real estate. Notice how we didn’t say impossible. Although it may seem like a huge, almost impossible, mountain to climb to find great success, agents in our brokerage are doing it regularly. Some are even running circles around the other agents on the other side of the transaction. And then there are those who are just SOARING!

Caitlin Daugherty is one of those agents. Absolutely SOARING.

Sitting up top at #2 of our team, Caitlin has an impressive 10 pending home sales!

Caitlin joined us January 2021 from not just another brokerage, but a respectable early career from her hometown of Port St Lucie. She had been an agent before the gold rush of 2020-2022.

👉🏻 She has seen a normal market.

👉🏻 She has worked her sphere of influence.

👉🏻 She knew that new lifestyle headshots every week wasn’t going to make the phone ring and keep the lights on.

👉🏻 She knew there was something more!

Year-over-Year Caitlin has CRUSHED this “shifting market” (used loosely) with an INCREDIBLE 30 HOMES SOLD!

That’s 30 HOMES SOLD during this “era of uncertainty.”

How uncertain does selling 30 homes sound?

You can almost always find her staying late in the office, making sure she’s putting her full effort and knowledge into her business. She’s one of the hardest working and knowledgeable agents in our small navy seal-like team of agents. But the best, is she doesn’t assume she knows it all. She’s always asking questions, attending training classes, and going the extra mile so that she ALWAYS has TOP knowledge for her customers.

Caitlin also has 2 jobs. She’s a real estate professional. And she’s a mother! She does ALL of this, selflessly, for her family! So if you think you don’t have the time to be successful, take it up with Caitlin, because I’m sure she’ll be able to set you straight.

We’d love to say, “Caitlin, Don’t stop!” but we’re pretty sure she wasn’t going to anyway! She is on a MISSION and if you know Caitlin like we do, she WILL NOT STOP until she’s WELL PASSED her goal!

Because that’s just who she is!

She is a winner every single day of the week!

If you, like many others, are interested in not only finding out how Lexi was able to do this, but being able to do this yourself… I implore you to follow the link below and speak with one of our growth advisors. Our lead volume over the past three months has continued to increase, and we are looking to add new agents to our brokerage who would like to have:

✅ Inbound leads daily

✅ Appointments set for you

✅ World class training

✅ Hands on mentorship

✅ Industry-leading marketing

then I think it would be worth your time to speak with one of our growth advisors!

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