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Q1 Recap. Then & Now!

 The solar eclipse was wildddd… but I promise you this statistic will  BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

 Agents are always looking to grow their business in a variety of ways. Some of them are of the belief that building on their own is easier, cheaper, faster… than connecting with a team who GIVES you all of the tools , but I digress.

 Every now and then, we have agents come test the waters with us before they’re convinced to go do it the hard way somewhere else.

Without going on some crazy long-winded rant to justify the numbers I’m about to present to you… I’m just going to show you the numbers  and you tell me if the narrative is wrong.

Agent A worked with us for over a year… and has since moved to a DIY model. Meaning… they’ll need to figure out and invest in their own marketing  and lead generation strategies.

So far, after the FIRST QUARTER of 2024, Agent A’s entire team has sold… 13 homes.

Depending on the team size, you could argue, (until you’re blue in the face ), that 13 homes sold in a single quarter is… good?

However, when you compare it to how many homes Agent A sold HERE in a single quarter… it’s… well there’s not really a good way to say it. It’s not good. It’s… different.

In 2023, Agent A sold 18 homes ALONE in Q1.

5 More homes than the collective of their current team.

How does that affect the quality of life? Quality of family life . Quality of financial stability . Financial security. A feeling of consistency.

It’s a massive misconception that “I told you so” is a good feeling. Because it sucks! And I never WANT to say I told you so.

It absolutely sucks seeing agents being sold a dream of “building a brand.” “100% splits.” And before you know it… they're either taking a 9-5 job or somehow supplementing their income with some sort of part-time gig.

It’s disheartening, upsetting, and a huge reason this industry has the problems it’s currently having.

Is it a different market in 2024? Yes  

Is it more difficult? Yes  

Are our agents still finding success and enjoying consistent income? YES

Here’s a snippet of the TOP AGENTS with us CLOSED for Q1 of 2024!


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