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50 Contacts in 1 week!

DJ & Lindsey Real Estate and its incredible agents, sold 50 homes in a single week!

I just want to start this Monday off with some GRATITUDE!!!

DJ & Lindsey Real Estate has had a goal for over a year now to SELL 50 homes in a week!!


Our leadership team has been ABSOLUTELY killing it this year, working tirelessly helping our agents, with long days and nights to make this happen. Thank you!!

Our Agents have been putting in the effort, getting back to the basics and staying FOCUSED. Also, working long days and nights, serving their customers at the highest level. Thank you!!

Our Staff have been going the extra mile, focusing on alllll the little details ensuring everything AND every step of the home buying or selling journey is PERFECTION. Thank you!

To our Customers who trusted us to allow us to help you buy or sell…. Thank you!!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by sooooo many talented, amazing individuals who are all working towards the same goal!! Something special is happening in our company and I feel like the time for us to continue to serve more agents and customers has never been better.


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