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12 DJ & Lindsey agents named TOP 500 in Jacksonville/Saint Augustine.

To be named among the top 500 realtors in Jacksonville is always a proud accomplishment! You are among some of the biggest names in our market. Agents who have built their book of business for YEARS! Which is an achievement unto itself! 

However, that’s the biggest head scratcher… because to me, the most incredible thing here is that MOST of these agents have been in real estate for less than 4 years!Caitlin Daughtery and Theo Fulger are both seasoned agents who have seen the industry from the other side. They know how many hats are needed in order to achieve such accolades. But they’ve found a brokerage that allows them to scale to those heights without the payroll. Without having to manage employees. They just get to do what they do best, Sell houses.

Lexi and Lawrence are only just beginning their incredible journey! Both of them sold 43 homes EACH in 2023! The year that everyone said was a down market, they each sold 43 homes!!

That’s 86 HOUSES!!Scott Dustin and Markus Brown were not far behind with 39 and 37 homes sold respectively!Scott pivoting from serving in the hospitality business and Markus migrating from a salaried position in property management.

Katie & Lindsey owned a food truck just 24 months ago. Now, they’re one of the TOP producers at a brokerage of ELITE realtors and 2 of the TOP 500 in the entire city of Jacksonville!Tory Atkins, Jacob Sevearance, & Dave Cassirer all licensed in just the last 3 years!!”Dave moving here from NY with no local sphere of influence, Jacob a materials specialist with FDOT, and Tory coming from a successful career in the car industry selling luxury cars.ALL NOW TOP PRODUCING AGENTS IN THE CITY OF JACKSONVILLE!!But we left one person out… because he JUST COMPLETED HIS FIRST YEAR IN REAL ESTATE.Preston Jowers is a top 500 agent, in his inaugural year in real estate. Selling 20 homes for $10,500,000.That’s the power of this team. 

That’s the power of our staff. 

That’s the power of our marketing. 

That’s the power of our training. 

That’s the power of our leaders. 

That’s the power… DJ&Lindsey Agent.Congratulations to all the agents who also had an incredible year and just missed the volume cut off!! 2024 is YOUR YEAR!!

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