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Buying 100 Pairs of Shoes for Kids!

DJ, Lindsey, & Noah DellaSala took to their local Saint Augustine Outlets to purchase sneakers to donate to children at their local county schools


Alongside our dream of building this brokerage, I’ve always wanted to give back to the community. Over the years we’ve done different things but this was BY FAR OUR FAVORITE!!

Shopping for shoes for children who not only need them, but are RIGHT HERE in our county schools!

We were soooooo THRILLED with all the donations from our incredible Sneakers & Success with Tom Ferry. The schools & charities said it was single handedly the BIGGEST shoe donation they had ever received!

But if you know Lindsey and I, we like to go a litttttleeee OVERBOARD! So we went and shopped as well!!

I cannot wait for these kids to unwrap these this year!!


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