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Case Study: Lexi Psihogios

In this study we track the journey of an agent Lexi Psihogios from entry into real estate to present day.

Meet Lexi, a newly licensed real estate agent who has only been in the business for 3 months.

She’s only sold ONE home. That’s 90 days with only ONE sale. Multiple contracts but ultimately, just ONE home sold and closed. Despite her less than impressive start, she continues to meet with her mentors and keep her head down and work hard. But maybe that was her problem… she put her head down. See, Lexi is new in real estate and has very low confidence in her service. She would avoid speaking with her peers because she felt inferior to their skill, talent and knowledge. So at 90 days in the business, her sold count sits low on the board at ONE. A long way from her goal of 15 homes.

Fast track another 90 days, Lexi adds 5 more sales to her goal and in just 6 months into real estate has sold a total of 6 homes. Now, she’s starting to pick it up. However at ONE home sale per month, at this pace, she’ll wind up 3 homes shy of her goal.

Lexi joined in May of 2021. Arguably the hottest time in the 2020-2022 real estate boom. It took her 6 months to sell 6 homes. That’s through historically the hottest market through the hottest season to buy. A lot of real estate purchasing is done in that spring and summer market. She was only able to sell 6 homes. As we arrived at her journey at 9 months into real estate, she was able to double her business by selling another 6 homes for a grand total of 12 homes inside her first year of real estate. A great achievement for any seasoned real estate agent, a great achievement for a FIRST YEAR agent. So things are starting to click for Lexi. They’re starting to make sense.

Lexi's success didn't come from just hard work alone, she also knew the importance of having a support system in the industry. She found that support in another young agent who, like her, was also looking to become a top producer. The two of them spent a lot of time together, working on how to better connect with their customers.

One of the things noticed by leadership is her connectivity with her peers. Those “other realtors” that everyone is always fighting for business against.

They’re helping her.

They’re encouraging her.

They’re role playing on the phone.

They’re bringing her on “shadow-showings”.

They’re in the office with her making calls.

They’re forming friendship because they too want her to succeed.

They too want the best for her.

So it’s February 2022. The market is still screaming and we’re headed into the spring market, historically one of the more productive and active seasons. And we’re approaching her one year anniversary, not only at our brokerage, in the industry. Lexi has currently helped 12 families. Just 3 away from her goal of 15 homes… From month 9-12 Lexi DOUBLED her business. By May 18th 2022, a full year after starting in real estate and joining DJ & Lindsey Real Estate, Lexi had sold a whopping 24 HOMES! That’s 9 EXTRA homes over her goal. An absolutely BANANAS statistic. A year that any veteran or seasoned agent would envy. Selling an average of 2 homes every single month is a beyond incredible feat. But that’s not how it played out. It was a struggle. It was building months on top of months. Wins on top of wins. Stringing together productive days and weeks that later resulted in an absolutely unforgettable and hard to top year!

Wow! 24 homes in your first year in real estate. It wasn’t easy, thats for sure, but we have another problem. That’s really hard to beat!

Did she set the bar too high?

How could she possibly beat her best year ever, headed into what experts are saying is a FAST arriving shift in the market? Lexi might have over performed…

Over performed? Is that even a thing? Can someone even overperform? Or is it called surpassing your potential? Hmmm

Well let me ask you this… What is it called when someone sells 24 homes in their first year in real estate?

Ok…. hold her beer.

What I’m about to tell you is about to blow… your…. lid…

After selling 24 homes and smashing her goal by 9 homes. Lexi continued selling real estate. Lexi continued selling real estate through the shifting market. She continued selling through the buyer pool dry up. She continued selling through the seller pipe dream pricing. Lexi continued selling through the holiday season. In fact, the SEVEN months into her second year in real estate…

Remember, seven months after May 18th 2022.

Lexi Psihogios sold 33 HOUSES in SEVEN MONTHS. She sold her entire previous years production in just over HALF of the following year…. And then another 9 extra houses.

She seems to like selling 9 extra houses.

So here we are, January 13th, looking at her goal of 40 homes sold with 5 more months to go in her SECOND YEAR in real estate.

We’re so proud of Lexi, we presented her with an award this year during our Christmas party. This year at the annual DJ&Lindsey Christmas party we presented Lexi with the “Rising Star Award”. Because that’s exactly what she is.


Lexi, we cannot wait to see what the years ahead have in store for you. We just hope that they keep building houses because something tells us you’re not going to stop helping people buy and sell homes! You’re too good at what you do and are someone to be watched by those looking to achieve… DESTROY their goals!!

So I'll leave you with this… would you like 100% of nothing or to sell 57 homes in less than 2 years in real estate?

Excuse me, I have to go pick up the microphone that Lexi dropped.

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