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February Check In 🗓️ ✅

We’ve just rounded out the first month of 2024 🎉. How did January go? Are you still on track for your 2024 goals? 🎯 Have you changed them? Have you increased them? I saw someone recently post on social media that they have sold their FIRST house of the new year… to that I say, round of applause 👏👏👏. It starts with ONE…

SO HOW DO YOU GET TO 11?!? 🏠➡️🔟➕1️⃣

In the dynamic world of real estate, certain achievements stand out, setting new benchmarks and inspiring professionals industry-wide 🌟.

🏡 January's Jaw-Dropping Performance:

- Homes Sold: 11 🎊

- Sales Volume: $5,030,307 💰

Yes, you read that right. In just the first month of the new year, Lawrence has not only shattered expectations but set an extraordinary precedent for what's possible 🚀. This is not just about numbers; it’s about the passion, expertise, and relentless drive that Lawrence brings to the table 🌈.

🚀 Why This Matters?

Because Lawrence hasn’t been an agent for 20 years. He hasn’t “been in this town for 3 decades.” He doesn’t “know” everyone and not everyone knows him. But the people DO know him, know him as their realtor 💼🏡. Lawrence started out as a 1 house in the month of January guy… but very quickly learned that with consistency comes INSANE results! 📈

You can be an “11 homes in January” agent… but you can’t get there without help. Without marketing 📊. Without leads 📞. Without staff 👥. Without partners 🤝.

Without any of that, you’re just looking over the fence at the green grass wondering why your grass isn’t growing 🌱➡️🤔.

Lawrence… I don’t know what to tell you man. Other than, I wish I had agents to work with like you when I was your age… but it’s better late than never 🌟. Keep handing over the keys at the closing table and cashing checks 💼🔑💵. You’re an inspiration to the people who are close to you, and those who watch you from a distance… We’re all watching 👀.

Let’s grow! 🚀🌱

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