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February KICKOFF 2023

Ryan Town & DJ DellaSala gave the February KICKOFF meeting today. A monthly meeting to recap the previous month and look ahead at the upcoming month.

Today…was…AWESOME! We had our first recap and KICK OFF meeting of 2023! A quick chance for the agents to reflect and review on the incredible work they are doing!

SO MANY new announcements and accomplishments from this team! I won’t go through all of them here, but I doooooo want to spotlight a few of them!

The first one is the SOLD volume! But not for the reasons you’d think…

$45,306,894 sold in January this year.

Which is very impressive… but what’s really impressive is that we only have 81 TOTAL AGENTS!

81 AGENTS were responsible for $45 MILLION IN SOLD VOLUME! (Some who are brand new to the business!)

That is BANANAS! 🍌🍌🍌

This crew has been absolutely CRUSHING!! If you look at our brokerage side by side with others in our market, it will put it into perspective.

Example: on the list of the top 10 brokerages… All of them have over 100 agents. In fact, only TWO of them had LESS than 200 agents. DJ & Lindsey Real Estate and ONE other brokerage.

In short: OUR AGENTS KICK A$$!!!

Another big highlight from today’s report was that we added 9 NEW AGENTS! That’s 9 licensed real estate agents who said, “I will not be beaten by the changes in this industry.” And we greeted them with open arms! So far this month, they’ve experienced branding photoshoots, a pizza party, 3 catered lunches and 4 top level training classes.

“But there’s 10 names there…”

One of them is my son.

My 17 year old son, Noah, decided he wanted to take on the challenge of setting appointments for our agents. I’m a very proud father, but I’m not highlighting Noah because he’s my son. I’m highlighting him because with LITTLE real estate knowledge and LITTLE life experience, he’s able to get people on the phone, understand their needs and set appointments with them to buy or sell real estate. That’s it. Plain and simple. He’s not SELLING them anything, he’s literally LISTENING and saying, “ok, we have someone who can help.”

So if you ever ask yourself, “What is going ON over there at DJ & Lindsey?” Just follow along, we’ll LITERALLY tell you. We’ll LITERALLY show you! And if you’re ever curious how you can get in on the success and the fun…

Our doors are always open!

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