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May Top Producers


THIS IS WHY I LOVE REAL ESTATE! It may just look like another collective of superstar DJ&Lindsey agents. But to us it’s so much more! Because this crew is such a sweet melting pot of newer agents and agents that have just found their groove.

TWO HUGE closings this month! Dave Cassier closing on that $4,700,000 in Flagler Beach and Kasia Kogut closing on a gorgeous beach home for $3,200,000. Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming… I imagine I’m a young agent starting my career and answering the phone and its a $3 or $4 MILLION DOLLAR BUYER ON THE OTHER END… then I snap out of it and feel WAY MORE grateful that I have a platform that provides those opportunities to agents. I get to help others grow!

Theo who’s back in the top 10, just closed on his THIRD investment property! Another short term rental added to his portfolio. You’ve never seen a hard worker, until you’ve worked with Theo!

And then we have a couple of our regular top producers, who have seen this compressed inventory and decided they're going to outwork it. They just keep servicing their customers & fulfilling their needs by selling houses.

Because if there’s one thing, we know about this company and especially this crew…

THEY SELL HOUSES!!! 🏡🏡🏡 They sell houses so well, in fact, this elite 10 along with the rest of DJ & Lindsey have been recognized as the #18 TEAM in AMERICA! ABSOLUTELY BANANAS! 🍌🍌🍌

A team of less than 100 agents… ranking and standing alongside companies with HUNDREDS of agents!

What’s even more AMAZING, is that not only this 10.. But 16 agents in May closed over $1MILLION in volume!

One of the agents in that group of 16 has been here less than 90 days. Chris Waters joined this crew towards the middle-end of March of this year. 💰💰💰

He was getting his real estate license. Saw the billboards, opened the emails, saw the success these agents were having and said… “I want that.”

Scheduled a time to talk with one of our growth advisors and 90 days later, has closed over $1 million in real estate.🤯🤯🤯

How do they do it you ask? Click the link below and see for yourself! Oh ya, and 2 of these agents on this list are on vacation!

Come sell houses!!


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