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November Top 10!

CEO DJ DellaSala took to Facebook to praise the Top 10 producers for the month of November at his brokerage.

I’M SORRY… Whattttttt?!?!

The November Top 10 Numbers are Bananas!!!

This same crew is reading the headlines.

These same, wonderful agents are dealing with the same rising interest rates.

They are STILL listing homes and helping buyers in this market.

And they doooooo nottttttt care!!

They are too educated. Too hard working. Too busy making sure their clients are in the BEST possible position. Providing the best knowledge. The best care. The best communication.

As the world reels from all the uncertainty, consumers and agents are feeling increasing pressure.

Pressure to do MORE! To provide MORE! But what if you could provide THE BEST?

What if instead of providing a “shiny new object” you just provided the BEST possible product? What if no one had a better product?

That’s THIS crew. Selling OVER $20 MILLION dollars in NOVEMBER!

We are soooo beyond proud of this incredibly hardworking & dedicated group!!

We’re sooo lucky and blessed to have souls like YOU all working together for the benefit of the customer AND the industry!

YOU are setting new boundaries! YOU are changing the rules!


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