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April 10th, 2023, was a fast-paced and exciting day for Joshua Graessle 🚀. He was joining DJ & Lindsey Real Estate with incredible optimism and a hunger for success 🌈.

That very same day, another agent was also supposed to be joining… but decided that he wanted to go somewhere else 🚶‍♂️.

[Name Redacted] decided he didn’t want to go somewhere that gave you everything; he wanted to learn how to fish 🎣. He wanted to be taught how to fish…

Admirable 🌟.

It’s a great gene to have… the business owner 💼, the brand builder 🏗, the serial entrepreneur…

It’s not for the faint of heart. It is TOUGH! 💪

Having 100% of the winnings has a great ring to it 🔔.

Having 100% of the liability doesn’t sound as fun 😕.

Well, here we are.. 343 days later. A journey almost a year in the making 📅.

Joshua Graessle has had a total of 21 closings… in less than a year 🏡🎉.

[Name Redacted] has had… 0 ❌.

Hmmm… soo the fishing hasn’t been great 🤷‍♂️.

Although.. Joshua is also learning how to fish. Of his 21 closings, 9 of them were personal deals 🐠.

So, it seems as though being shown how to fish… makes you a better fisherman 🎣... And allows you to LAYER on MORE opportunities to catch MORE fish 🐟🐟🐟.

So, let's go one step further… ok, so Joshua already would’ve outsold [name redacted], but… go ahead and ask him how much he hated adding 12 more closings to his annual production 😏.

How it totally sucked adding 12 more commission checks to his bank account 💰…

Point being, your business gets a BOOST when you work with us… plain and simple 💥. 

Want to learn how to fish? Come learn 📚.

Want to be taught how to fish? Come Learn 📖.

They just increased our limit, and we’re not throwing ANY OF THEM BACK!! 🚫🔙🐟


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