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Tory is Climbing to the top of Jacksonville Real Estate

A couple of years ago, Tory Atkins stepped foot into our brokerage for the very first time. Fresh off her real estate exam, she was just beginning her journey. Now? She's a veritable real estate dynamo. 

She breezed in like a whirlwind, eyes sparkling with ambition and tenacity that I had rarely seen before. After seeing our vibe and meeting the team, she put her foot down and said, "I’M NOT LEAVING HERE UNTIL I HAVE A JOB." And let me tell you, she wasn't kidding.

From day one, Tory was all hustle and heart. This girl worked as if she had been in the industry for a decade. She was fresh off a career from the luxury car industry and knew that real estate was her next frontier. Talk about taking the bull by the horns!

Now, let's talk about a story that really sets the stage for Tory's spirit. Picture this: an elderly woman wanting to sell her house in rough shape. To most, this would seem like a nightmare waiting to happen. But not to Tory. After meticulously outlining the seller's profit needs, Tory pulled out all the stops, negotiated and secured an offer from a cash offer company, and got the seller $10,000 ABOVE HER ASKING PRICE. If that's not customer-first service, I don't know what is!

Fast forward to today, and Tory's sold a mind-blowing 64 units, tallying up to a jaw-dropping $22 MILLION in sales! But that's not all, folks. This year alone, she's closed 20 deals and is carrying 17 listings. The girl's on fire!

And she’s not just about the sales. Tory is all about the team spirit, always lending a helping hand to her peers, sharing her expertise, and cheerleading our overall brand. We're talking about a woman who bought potted plants and a doormat to liven up a listing's curb appeal and then gifted them to the new owners. Talk about a class act!

Above all, Tory embodies what our brokerage is all about: knowledge, helpfulness, hard work, courtesy, and above all, kindness. She's the real deal!

So, if you're an aspiring realtor looking to make a splash, a struggling realtor in need of inspiration, or just someone who appreciates a good success story, take a page out of Tory's book. This woman's got it all: hustle, heart, and a whole lot of success. 

So here's to Tory Atkins, a true trailblazer and a shining star in Jacksonville's real estate landscape. We're beyond proud to have her as part of our team and can't wait to see how high she soars!

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