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Jamie Fowlers Breakout Year! 🚀 ⭐️

Jamie Fowler had a breakout year in 2023, a year where 49% of agents sold 1 or LESS homes.


Early 2023, we chatted with him. 🗣️ He reflected on a year that was all about selling and growing... 📉

Selling 32 houses was great, but 2023? A game-changer! 🏠🚀 

Jamie's achievements? Unmatched by most of his peers at other brokerages. 🌟

Because last year… Jamie had a record year for himself… and his family.

Jamie CLOSED 43 HOMES! 🎊🏠 

For a total of $17,983,032 in volume!

Incredible, right? 🤯 He smashed his previous record in a tough real estate market. 💪

Jamie's thoughts? "I've earned more this year than any year before." That's dedication, consistency, and skill! 💰🏡

Always topping the charts, first in the office, setting up success daily. He’s a self motivated, success driven father and husband. ☀️📈

How has he enjoyed his hard work? He treated himself to a BRAND NEW BMW X4 🚗

But he didn’t stop there… He showed his appreciation to his family and his wife by purchasing her a BRAND NEW BMW X5 🚗

The entire FOWLER FLEET got new rides!! 🚗🚗

Jamie's operating at an extraordinary level! 🌐 And he's not alone... these agents defy the odds, customer-focused despite industry hurdles. 👀👍

Super proud of Jamie. It's not just amazing, it's inspirational! His journey uplifts everyone around. ❤️🙌


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