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Making $2.7m Lemonade 🍋

How our agents build their own business from working with us.

When Lawrence Cipollone sold 503 Porpoise Point in April of 2022, he was already excited! He had just sold a gorgeous beachfront home on the southern coast of Vilano Beach for $1,825,000. A home with picturesque views of downtown Saint Augustine as well as its beacon of light, the historic Saint Augustine Lighthouse.

After Lawrence closed the book on the sale of this home, he would continue to grow his business like a young realtor would hope. Lawrence would finish out his 1st year in real estate selling over $14,300,000! In an environment where business is secured by a brand with a large presence, it’s constantly argued that it’s difficult for a single entity, a smaller business if you will, to gain ground and be successful.

So how could Lawrence sell so much in his first year in business? ✅ Hard work

✅ Mentorship

✅ Mentorship

✅ Battle tested

To spare you the long drawn out details, which can be found in our case studies located on our career builder website, we taught Lawrence how to hunt and fish. How to build business FROM other business. How to meet people who KNOW you as a real estate professional, instead of having to convince them you are a real estate professional. Lawrence knew he was leaving some things on the table. So he wanted to pair up with someone who was just as eager as he was for success and was achieving it regularly. So he paired up with none other than Lexi Psihogios. You know the agent we did a feature on who sold way too much, way too fast, for someone way too new to the industry.

So they find themselves listing and selling EVERYTHING under the Florida sun.

Just over a year from his BIG sale on Vilano Beach, Lawrence’s phone rings. “Hey there, Lawrence… we’re looking to list our home on Vilano beach and after speaking with the neighbors, it seems like you’re the best guy to do it. Would you be willing to come meet with us and take a look at it?”

“No sorry, I’m too busy…” [PSYCHE]

“Of course!” Lawrence would head over to find himself standing in front of a GORGEOUS, newly renovated beach home, along the southern coastline of Vilano beach… DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR to the home he sold just one year earlier. Lawrence had just secured a PERSONAL LISTING from the past business that had been handed to him.

Talk about turning LEMONS into LEMONADE!! 🍋🍋🍋 And because you’ve been following us like the cute little puppy you are, you know that our personal deals are 90% commissions.

The same support, systems, services, and signage… all at 90%! So Friday, Lawrence & Lexi listed 505 Porpoise Point Drive for $2,695,000!

Who’s got a buyer???

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