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2022 WRAPPED is here!

DJ & Lindsey Real Estates's 2022 WRAPPED is here! Here are 10 AMAZING moments from our year!

2022 was an incredible and unforgettable year! It was a year of growth, a year of learning, & a year of re-alignment. 2020 was a year of re-alignment for most, but for us it reaffirmed everything we had built years prior, were the exact things this industry needed. So after years of calls, showings, and handling over 6,000 transactions, we were able to recognize and develop things even further in order to give our agents the best chance for guaranteed success.

So, let's get into the TOP 10 moments from this past year that made 2022 shine!

1. DJ & Lindsey Real Estate: A Modern Brokerage

As a first order of the new year we launched our virtual model! This model was built specifically for seasoned agents who understand how to build business but just want the power of the team from ANYWHERE!! Seasoned agents who want trustworthy LICENSED Transactions Coordinating. Established Agents who want TOP LEVEL marketing and lead generation. Experienced agents who want virtual or real time training! We bundled all of it together and made it available for those agents who are ready to scale their business!! As the first stepping stone in the year, this one sure was beyond MEMORABLE!!

Since the launch we’ve added a TON of new features and perks!

2. A Fresh New Look: DJ&Lindsey Rebrand

The DJ and Lindsey Team adapted to accommodate experienced agents with a well established business with the launch of their Virtual Brokerage model. However, that wasn't the only shiny NEW car on the block.

Following that huge announcement came a FRESH new modern look! The #2 Real Estate team in the state officially changed their logo and their branding. Swapping the purple for a modern dark purple with strong navy and black undertones. Continuing the fresh modern look is the new name, DJ&Lindsey Real Estate, in a modern, clean san serif typeface. Separating the names of the two team leads is the addition of the ampersand. Donning the original purple, an ode to the old branding. We couldn't get this gorgeous artwork out FAST ENOUGH!!

3. Real Producers (March Issue: Cover)

On the tail of the new brokerage and branding, another institution recognized the extreme growth by the newly renamed company. On the cover: a group shot of the companies TOP LEVEL staff and mentors. DJ and Lindsey DellaSala on either side of Brittany Nolan, the broker, Brett Moreland, Director of Sales, and Travis Moore, Director of Operations standing atop TIAA Bank Stadium, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Inside is a story about how two people set out to achieve their goals and aspirations. Those of being able to provide the tools and business to allow other hardworking people to achieve their goals. How to create their own "luck", through hard work, accountability, and streamed line systems. How to scale, achieve goals, and set new ones! From there it continues on to pave the runway for them to reach new heights.

4. The Best In The Biz Tournament

As the market started to show signs of shifting,

DJ came up with a fun idea that would allow the agents to grow. When it comes to pitching your own business and making your customers feel comfortable working with a FULL TIME professional, it's sometimes not the fastest easiest conversation. What if there was a way to allow our agents to hear how their peers are pitching their expert knowledge? Introducing the "Best in Biz". A fun sales pitch competition that had 2 agents from each office, facing off against each other. The competition would feature a "wheel" that would spin with situations and topics that all 4 agents would have to listen to and respond. Judged and decided by the rest of the agents watching, it was a single elimination tournament that ended with the champions from each office facing off at one of our quarterly meetings in front of ALL of the offices! When the dust settled, it was Scott Dustin, from our Saint Augustine office holding the trophy and crowned "Best in Biz".

5. #2 Brokerage in ALL of Florida (#11 & #14 nationwide)

Every year, Tom Ferry, in collaboration with the Wall Street Journal, quantify and publish a list known as "The Thousand". It's the TOP Real Estate Company and Brokerages from across the entire United States. Broken up by each state, DJ & Lindsey Real Estate made a HUGE jump from the previous year. Jumping from sub top #25 in 2021, They moved up to #11 & $14 nationwide for "Sold Units" and "Sold Volume". But it was in the state of Florida where they took the #2 spot in the entire state. A brokerage made up of less than 100 agents, overtook some of the LARGEST names and brokerages in real estate! A massive shining moment for all of our agents, staff, and customers could be proud of!

6. Summit 2022 Speakers

An incredible experience to say the least! Standing on stage and speaking to a room of 6,000+ people and another 13,000+ on the live stream was beyond surreal! Having the chance to talk and showcase JUST how hard working and successful our agents are is why we started this brokerage in the first place. Standing among names like Jon Grauman of "Buying Beverly Hills" on Netflix and top level luxury agents like Tim Smith, gave us the perfect platform to tell our agents stories! It also allowed us to connect to other young talented agents from around the country. They were able to ask questions and pry in curiosity in order to continue to build and scale their business. From being on stage to mingling in the expo, this was an unforgettable experience that we're beyond grateful to have been a part of!

7. New Leaders: Dondi Hopkins & Holly Taylor

Among the big moves made in 2022, these 2 we were INCREDIBLY excited about!

Adding new leaders! We added some TOP LEVEL talent. These 2 leaders have TREMENDOUS experience and are adding immense value to our brokerage! Holly Taylor, formerly of a local North Florida real estate group, is fulfilling our newest leadership role as another Broker and leader in Jacksonville, Florida. She's no stranger to leading as she's gravitated towards teaching and guiding others along their real estate journey. Seems to be an ode to her roots, coming from the start of her professional career as a school teacher now turned power real estate broker.

While the rest of the real estate industry reports losses and drop in their stock, DJ & Lindsey Real estate is reporting quite the opposite, in fact we announced our South Florida office will be home to another huge new leader, Dondi Hopkins. A lifelong resident of Plantation, Florida, Dondi Hopkins was the co-founder of her own real estate team under a large big box brokerage, managing a group of more than 20 licensed real estate agents.Renowned for her proficiency and knowledge, Dondi is regularly called upon within her profession as a speaker representative. Her goal is to produce quality work one hundred percent of the time, to always give more than her best efforts on behalf of agents and customers.

8. New Offices: Saint Augustine & South Florida

Continuing the additions of new leaders came some NEW offices!! The long awaited purchase of a building on Anastasia Island, giving us PLENTY of room for our Saint Augustine crew and new hardworking agents looking to join. This one has a TON of cool surprises to be announced later in 2023, but we can say for certain, the new studio/bank fault is going to be just ONE of the major renovations of this old bank.

Saint Augustine isn't the only DJ&Lindsey territory that got some new digs! We added not one but TWO new offices in South Florida. Accommodating the wide area that we cover, we added an office in Delray and in Coral Springs. Allowing our agents to move about the South Florida region and always have a place to set up shop, print, meet customers, use as they need! These are just the first 2 of the many other announcements to be added later in 2023!

9. Tom Ferry Event & Sneaker Shopping

In his first appearance in Jacksonville, Florida, Tom Ferry taught agents how to grow their business and excel in the real estate industry with DJ&Lindsey bringing him here. A pair of shoes in exchange for expert advice seems like a fair trade to me, and this was an event you didn't want to miss. Having Tom Ferry come to Jacksonville and speak to ambitious agents sounds like victory to me. As a result of this event, we were able to give back to the less fortunate members of our community in such a positive way. Many sponsors came to the surface to help and fund this event. Being able to hear such an expert in his field share his knowledge on how he became so successful in this field was quite an honor.

10. DJ&Lindsey Christmas Party

As the year came to a close, we had the most incredible Christmas party. It was a night of eating, drinking, and dancing where everyone from different offices came together. It was an honor to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of many individuals and teams. The food and open bar service were both served with elegance and class. It was evident from everyone's smiles across the room how much this party meant to them. All in all, it was a night that won't be forgotten. As a team, they were able to celebrate a year filled with accomplishments and send off into the new year with even more blessings.

2022 Honorable Mentions

Is your brokerage growing with you? Are they helping your grow?

Are they supporting the needs your business has as it looks to grow to new heights in 2023?

Might be time to talk with one of our growth advisors about how we can help you on your journey!


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